Building Rock Solid Websites


What Platforms do we prefer?

We prefer to use Free Open Source Software (FOSS) - where the code that makes the programme, is viewable by everyone, and able to be modified by anyone. In most cases FOSS has a global community of users, developers and designers.

No one 'owns' FOSS software so as to speak. You don't pay to use it, but you may pay for services or customisation of the software - like ours.

Those FOSS programmes that we like to use are:

B2 Evolution

A multi-blog, multi-language, multi-user blogging platform


A content management solution for developing websites that may include Forums, Blogs, Static Pages, Dynamic Articles etc.

Both of these programmes put you in the driving seat. Once they have been created to your needs, ought to easily be maintained by yourself, us, or another support partner of your choosing.


PHP is the web programming language behind the majority of the world's websites. It allows for fast and flexible programming, to create dynamic database-driven websites.


Whilst PHP is used in the behind-the-scenes engine that creates the website pages, Javascript helps the front-end become all that much more usable. It is for creating dynamic interaction in the viewing browser.


AJAX is really an interaction between the Javascript and the PHP in real-time, to create database access and data reload without page reload...meaning smoother interaction.


MySQL is a fast and flexible database. This allows storage of all sorts of data, to huge sizes, and can be accessed easily by PHP.