Building Rock Solid Websites


So you think you want a Website?

Here we seek to provide you with a place to explore your ideas about having an on-line presence before committing your hard-earned cash to it.

Please do have a look around and contact us if you have further questions or would like to proceed further.

Types of websites

There are two main extremes on the continuum of types of business sites; the on-line brochure and the on-line store.


A printed article. It needs to look good, and have good information, but not necessarily a point of sale. From $500 (but more likely $1200) depending on the number of pages, amount of supplied information and images, and time taken to accomplish all that is necessary. Once a brochure is 'printed' it seldom changes.

On-line store

Same detail as the brochure site, but has a facility for stock handling, on-line sales and queries. Most expensive and difficult to set up, and could cost from $10000.

Between these two options is a range of possibilities combining a brochure-like framework with dynamic (changing) components.

Community Websites

Then there are sites that serve to supply information or develop community, many of these are non-profit or social networking sites.

Private Sites and Blogs

Last but not least are sites that you as an individual may like to have to express your views, share yourself, motivate others. A blog is often the most useful here as it updates as often as you want it to, and remains fresh and current.