Building Rock Solid Websites


Questions to Ask Yourself

✔ Am I prepared for the extra workload (if someone orders 1000 units and we only make 1 per day)?

✔ Am I prepared for instant success (growing too quickly brings growing pains) ?

✔ How will I market the website to let others know about it?

✔ Is there an industry body that we can affiliate to, to share links, and increase perceived legitimacy?

✔ How often will the site require updating, and how much will this cost? What if I don't update?

✔ Should I look at reproducing the site in another language, for another market, eg Chinese?

✔ How reliable and secure is the site at my hosting provider?

✔ Do I know people who could test the site for free before it goes live?

✔ What is it my customers really want in the site? How do I give it to them?