Building Rock Solid Websites


Pages that could be Required

  • About Us    (History, vision, goals, shareholding)
  • Contact Us    (How to get in touch, who to get hold of)
  • News    (General news on the company, products, industry)
  • Feedback    (Allow your customers to comment)
  • Product Catalogue    (Photo album, pricing, specifications)
  • References    (From happy customers)
  • Links    (To other information, interesting sites)
  • Information    (On product, raw materials, method of manufacture, etc)
  • Legal    (Privacy, Security, Return Policy, Warranty, Copyright)
  • Members Page    (Creating community and loyalty)
  • Downloads    (Software giveaways)
  • Freebies    (Giveaways enhance popularity of site)
  • Marketing Information    (For Resellers)

Consider what copy is required, and what images are needed for each page.