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MySQL processes

On a current job I am getting localhost mysql to import a database that is 280MB in size. It has so far been running over 24 hours, through the import field o f phpmyadmin. Had I known it was going to take this long I would have taken to the command line to do it it is still apparently ticking over, and I would like to find out just how far through the process it is, and whether it is still running or just refusing to provide phpmyadmin with the notification.

So how to do that?
Open the terminal, and do :

mysql -uroot -p


then look at what processes are running against the database in question.

and see if it changed the current work; if so then your job is still in fact running.

An application you could use to do the same thing, only without the constant need to re-do the command is mytop :
Debian has this in it's repos; apt-get install mytop
mytop -uroot -p