Building Rock Solid Websites


Access Control

If you decide for a website that is more than a brochure then sometimes you may want to restrict what people have access to reading and doing on your site until they have gained a 'level of trust'.

The first 'level' is usually referred to as "anonymous user", that is, the person surfing the internet, anywhere in the world.

The second 'level' may be "registered user" - a person who has decided for one reason or another that they want to exchange some contact information in response to having access to what else you may offer.

This is a key 'thinking point' to ask yourself about your online website - WIIIFM: what is in it for me?
What would you want to 'get' in exchange for parting with your contact details?

Then there are a range of possibilities in the middle 'levels of trust'.

Are there groups of people that perhaps you would 'trust' to add new information to the site, or to moderate your forum, to write blog posts, to change the look and layout of the site, to send newsletters etc.

Sometimes in a company these groups of people will be different departments.

The top 'level of trust' would normally be you, or someone in your company in charge of your place in cyberspace. Sometimes this level is the one used by a website designer/developer like ourselves to be able to maintain your site by making sure that all the software is up to date.

Hopefully that gives you some food for thought to see how your site could work for you.

Don't worry though, as we will come back to this after the main frameworks of your site, like the colour, layout and functions, are worked out.